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HbA1c Awareness 3D Animation

The animation is designed to introduce people to the 3D model of Hemoglobin, describe briefly what Hemoglobin does, and then show off the data of the protein. The animation also briefly demonstrates the effect of elevated blood glucose showing how glucose will bind to molecules like Hemoglobin. I hope you enjoy. This animation will be included in the upcoming Hemoglobin iBook we have in development.

HbA1c Awareness 3D Animation: http://bit.ly/HbA1cAnimation and the share-able link on Vimeo: http://bit.ly/HbA1cAnimationOnVimeo

New development: the new version .NET 1.1 will allow you to choose which forms are available.  There is a quirk in the 1.0 Version that will be fixed in 1.1.  The date and time gets swapped at random.  I am taking the existing version down and will replace it shortly with 1.1.  If you cannot wait, feel free to download BG Tracker 4.02 for the time being.

If you use Linux, we have a program similar to BG Tracker called MonoGluceosis. Visit our download page for more information.