Dear friend and fellow diabetic, there are several good blood glucose tracking programs on the market but none were exactly what I wanted or needed. Some had more power than I needed, some were not powerful enough and some were just too hard to understand and use. So I set out to build a program that filled my needs and hopefully will be a help to you as well. I am not a software developer or programmer. In fact, this is one of the first Windows programs I have ever made.

I have owned a small residential house cleaning service for twenty-four years and that’s how I make my living. I have lived with Type 1 diabetes for more than 25 years without any real complications. But my luck ran out a few years ago and I developed kidney problems. My doctor wants 1) my bg’s to be closely tracked and 2) he wants a report faxed to his office regularly. Thus, the reason for Bg Tracker. At this time, I have no intentions of selling this program. If you find it helpful, please freely pass it along to another diabetic who can use it. Please don’t alter the program files. Not only is it illegal, it would hurt my feelings <G>.

If you have suggestions about improving or adding to the program, E-mail me.¬†What I did not say before was that my kidney functioning had dropped to 20% and I was very close to dialysis. I attended a healing service at my church and today my A1C’s are great and my kidneys have improved to 60% – 70% functioning. My Endo has stated that she has no explanation for such a quick and dramatic improvement. She stopped just short of calling it a miracle but I am convinced it was.

Many of my users have prayed for me and I truly appreciate it. As you can see it worked. Thank You!!I make no guarantees or warranties of any kind on this program. This is a 32-bit program and although it has been tested over and over on my machine under Windows95 and Windows98, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. You may also email me with any problems or questions you have about the program. I can’t afford to devote all my time to supporting this program but will do the best I can to answer your questions and as quickly as possible. If you feel this program has any monetary value, donate it to your favorite Diabetes Research. Feel Good and God Bless!

Jim Berry