A Moment to Remember

Let’s take a moment to remember the individuals who created human insulin, the team of Banting and Macleod. This group of individuals sacrificed their patent to help the masses.

According to nobelprize.org (2016,) “Banting, Macleod, and the rest of the team patented their insulin extract but gave away all their rights to the University of Toronto, which would later use the income from insulin to fund new research. Very soon after the discovery of insulin, the medical firm Eli Lilly started large-scale production of the extract. As soon as 1923, the firm was producing enough insulin to supply the entire North American continent. Although insulin doesn’t cure diabetes, it’s one of the biggest discoveries in medicine. When it came, it was like a miracle. People with severe diabetes and only days left to live were saved. And as long as they kept getting their insulin, they could live an almost normal life.”

Warning to Insulin Pump Users

Users of Animas OneTouch Ping Insulin Pump System, you should be aware of the security issues. According to ZDNet.com and Rapid7, there are three security weaknesses that allow an attacker to remotely deliver insulin doses. This opens the door to what are referred to as “replay attacks“. For more information on this important security bulletin, please visit zdnet.com and thank you again for reading this important announcement.

New developments:

I just wanted to provide an update to the new web application that will be available. I have designed the database using Microsoft Best-Practices as a guide. This new version will allow you to choose which forms are available. It will also feature calculated A1C readout based on your readings entered into the program. I work full time and attend school full time; therefore, my time is a little tight. I am working on releasing the web-enabled version as quickly as I can. In fact, I am looking for an interim web application that will run until I can release BG Tracker.NET Web. However, if you cannot wait, feel free to download BG Tracker 4.02 for the time being. If you use Linux, we have a program similar to BG Tracker called MonoGluceosis. Please visit our download page for more information.